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So I want to be a writer?

This has been a long time coming. I’ve always had the desire to start a blog, similar to the ones I read daily, I just haven’t, but now is the time.

So with that, I’m shifting the focus of my site from my work to this blog.

This will primarily be a linked-list style blog, which means I'll be logging links I’ve come across throughout the day and posting them here, often with an aside. I hope to post at least once a day, most days of the week. There’s a good chance that could change over time, but thats what Im aiming for. My desire is to share useful knowledge and findings with people like you, with the hope that you will find it valuable and useful too. 

Im going to have fun with this, I don’t really know what Im doing, but stick around for the ride. Feel free to bookmark this site and stop by every so often.

Thanks for reading.