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Making an Impact

In a post a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the constant stream of white noise that is created by the social world we live in, and asked how you could break through that noise to make an impact. Everyone out there is saying everything all the time, and it takes a deliberate effort to say something that matters and omit the things that don’t, both online and in the real world.

Here are a few things that I see as keys to making an impact.

Provide Value
What you say has to provide value to peoples lives. No one follows you to hear what you had for breakfast, and no one chooses to have coffee with you to talk about your cats. Figuring our a way to enrich peoples lives, to push people to become better people is a surefire way of making an impact on peoples lives. You have knowledge and wisdom that other people don’t, and as soon as you make that readily and freely available, people will look at you differently. Share what you know and push people to be better.

Tell Stories
You have a story to tell, and not only do you have your story to tell, but you know other peoples stories that you could tell. Everyone connects with great stories. We all have our own personal story, and it’s interwoven with many stories around us that all make up one great big story. It’s deep within us to hear and experience the trials and triumphs of others. What’s your story? Is everything your saying contributing to a bigger story?

Be Consistent 
Show up and be consistent. If people are expecting, you’re making an impact. Inversely, if people are expecting and you don’t show up, you will lose trust.

Get Lucky
Don't count on this. Virality is not something you control. You don’t get to to decide which videos get 6 million view in 24 hours, or what tweet will spark a huge conversation, or what joke will get retweeted a few thousand times. A few will get lucky, the rest will have to work hard.