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Opening Day

I’m officially that guy who has a blog.

In fact, I’ve been toying around with the idea for well over a year, and after a couple things I’ve read recently, along with the fact that Its been on my mind for over a year, I have convinced myself to take the jump.

If you’re a creative, if you’re at all interested in design, video, freelance, productivity or just love hearing about cool things, I think you’ll like it.


Primarily, I’ll be sharing what I’m learning, and finding out about, from other people. There’s a wealth of knowledge and incredibly useful stuff out there, and more people should know about it. You’ll see these posts denoted by the red arrow ().


When it’s applicable, I’ll be sharing what I know and what I’m working on, or give any helpful tips and advice I can. I’m building sharing into my routine, and this is the platform to do it on.


Everyone likes quotes, and so do I. You definitely see some here. I'd like to attribute the way quotes are displayed on this blog to Ben Brooks, who I unashamedly stole the idea and design from. Thanks Ben.

I love what Kyle Steed said on his site, under the FAQ:

And when you start to feel like you’ve learned a thing or two please share your knowledge with others. Chances are there’s someone else out there who needs to hear what you’ve learned.

That’s what I hope to do. I already have a few posts up, so take a look around. It's a work in progress, and I'm still figuring things out, so let me know if you notice any bugs. Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tyssul Patel