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How Pixar made Monsters University

Speaking of Disney, this article is nearly a year old but if you ever wondered what it took to create a Pixar movie, some of these eye-opening stats are fascinating... especially for the folks who understand the words "render" and "CPU".

All told, it has taken more than 100 million CPU hours to render the film in its final form. If you used one CPU to do the job, it would have taken about 10,000 years to finish. With all of those CPUs that Pixar did have, it took a couple of years to render.

My personal favorite:

Something that looked spectacular 12 years ago, like the fur on the monster Sully, doesn’t look so great today. Sully now has 5.5 million individual hairs in his fur, compared to a fifth of that in the original film. In Monsters Inc.

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