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My iPhone Home Screen - Spring 2014

I'm always interested in what other people have on their iPhone Home screen. Everyone has different apps and uses for them, so I thought it would be interesting to give some insight on what I use. 

Here is my iPhone Home screen as of April 21st, 2014. I've called out a few of the lesser known apps that I use and share a little on why I use it.

  • Calendar
  • Apple Maps
  • Youversion
  • Photos
  • Clear
  • Weather Line
  • Instagram
  • Camera
  • Day One
  • Sleep Cycle
  • Tweetbot
  • Paper
  • YouTube
  • Evernote
  • Instapaper
  • Spotify
  • Podcasts
  • Planning Center Online
  • App Store
  • Settings

Clear ($4.99) - Simple to-do-list app. I use it for groceries. Designed well, delightful sounds and gestures, and is pretty lightweight. I picked this up when it was on sale for 99c, I probably wouldn't pick it up for what it sells for right now.

Weather Line ($2.99) -  I have a slight affinity for weather apps. This is one of my favorites ever. Its extremely well designed, and the information is quickly readable with the help of cool fonts and couple of graphs. It's powered by the forecast.io engine, so it's extremely accurate, even down to the last raindrop.

Day One - This is a journaling app, and its far and away the best one out there. I use Day One almost every day to catalog my thoughts and free write, it's the original canvas for most of my blog posts, designs, ideas or just general mind dump. If you build in a habit of writing every day, you'll be surprised of how much was in your head and now in a tangible form.

Sleep Cycle ($0.99) - This is a weird one. Sleep cycle, in essence, is an alarm clock, but it does way more than that. You open this up, set the time you want to wake up, lay it next to your head, and during the night it monitors how you sleep based on your movements. On top of that, it wakes you up when you're most "awake" during your sleep, within the 30 minutes prior to when you set your alarm  Crazy, I know, but it works, at least for me.

Tweetbot ($4.99) - My go to twitter client. It's a little pricey, but I think it's worth it. It's so well designed, has charming sound effects and some key features like muting that makes using twitter during the State of the Union bearable. It also has a companion iPad and Mac app that syncs across all devices.

Paper - Somehow Facebook made a better Facebook app than the actual Facebook app. I don't know how that's a thing.

Evernote - I don't think this is a lesser known app by any means, but its one of my most used apps across all my devices. It's where all my notes, inspiration, ideas, goals, etc. end up. I have over 25 notebooks and close to 400 notes. I love Evernote.

Instapaper ($3.99) - This is my read it later service. If you don't know what that is, then you're missing out. Anytime I come across an article, or site, during the day that I can't read right then and there, I hit a button and it gets saved to my Instapaper. Later in the day, normally right before I go to bed, I'll revisit my saved articles and read them. Instapaper strips away all the extra nonsense and displays just the body content in a clean interface. It's a must have.

Sidenote: I frequent Superfamous for all my iPhone wallpaper needs. This guy takes some great photos.