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The Invention of the AeroPress

I, and many people around me, have bought an AeroPress recently. It's really one of the greatest little coffee makers I've seen. This profile walks through the life of Alan Adler, from frisbee entrepreneur to flute maker, to shaking up the coffee industry. He made a lot of stuff.

This is the story of how Adler and Aerobie dispelled the notion of industry-specific limitations and found immense success in two disparate industries: toys and coffee.


This curiosity led to his pursuit of a diverse range of hobbies; as “the type of person who always seeks ways to make things better,” his hobbies invariably led to inventions. Today, he owns over 40 patents -- some of which are in surprising fields.

On the paper filters for the AeroPress:

Not only that, but Adler claims his paper filters (which run $3.50 for 350, and are reusable up to twenty-five times each) reduce lipids that typically incite the body to produce LDL cholesterol (this is debated greatly in the coffee community).

I had no idea you could use one filter up to 25 times. 

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