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Mad Lib Marketing

This is a phrase I heard thrown around at a speaking event a few weeks ago. The speaker said it in jest, not giving it any attention to it, but it struck me as the perfect phrase that could describe many companies marketing strategies today. This is mainly a phrase for the more established, priding themselves on having a strategic, calculated formula, and executing it over and over again for various campaigns and needs, praising their process as effective and cost-efficient. Strategy and formulas make things easier to see, understand and execute, and there's great benefit to having a process to keep things efficient, but if its the only lens you solve problems through, you're going to miss an opportunity for true creativity and originality. What separates the good from the great is the constant desire to push forward, the pay attention to the details, to shed old dogma, and to break ground on something new.

Throw away the rule book, stop playing the mad lib game, and do something new. It may cost you some time and money, it may be harder, but it'll be worth it.