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TP-Link: No more Apple TV wireless issues!

Since the dawn of owning an Apple TV, I've had wireless connection issues, and from conversations I've had with other people, so does everyone. I mentioned that the Apple TV is the worst product from Apple right now, and I still think thats the case. The only reason I won't go buy something else is because Im lazy, and I'm holding on to the hope that Apple will get its act together and make something better.

Nonetheless, I bought this TP-Link ($40) about a week ago from Amazon, and it solved all my issues. Not only do I have a "hardline" ethernet connection, which means much faster speeds, I never lose connection. Never. I guess thats always the edge ethernet is going to have over Wi-Fi. From the little I know, it transmits ethernet signal through the power grid in your house/appartment, using two transmitters you plug into the wall, one near your modem, the other anywhere you want. I don't really understand how it works, but I'll chalk it up to sorcery. You can also buy more receivers to essentially put your entire home on a "hardline" connection.

Wi-fi still isn't as reliable as ethernet, so this a great solution for any connection issues, or for ethernet like speeds.

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