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Turbulent Times at Target

Target's been struggling lately, thats not news, but a letter sent to Gawker from a current mid-level target employee reveals some startling information about how Target HQ is managed. If this letter is accurate, its rough. It also says a lot about the current work climate in America. The letter is long, but here are some parts that stood out to me:

Target purposely staffs assuming that everyone is working at 50% productivity. In essence they have 2 people doing a job that 1 person could do at another company, because the rest of the time you're in status meetings or volunteer events or FFF events (that's Fast Fun & Friendly, basically an excuse to not be working). You're penalized and viewed as unfriendly and not a team player if you spend too much time in your cube working and not enough time socializing.

Oh, its a 2-for-1 deal.

If you aren't super bubbly, super social and passive aggressive, you get told that you're a problem. Being direct, wanting to actually get your work done, asking questions and pushing back are all viewed as bad things and you'll be told to tone it down or you'll be pushed out.

The introvert inside of me just cringed. So did the hard worker.

Target has no original ideas, they are just reacting to what other companies are doing and jumping the bandwagon. They have a culture that makes decision via consensus, so it takes FOREVER to make a decision and implement even the smallest change. That keeps them from being able to make the necessary changes, and they won't ever get there without a big change in leadership and a true vision beyond "keep the doors open".


Obviously, this is a disgruntled employee and he's on his way out, but if even half the stuff is true, its not a great place to work. Perusing through the comments suggest that this person isn't alone in his thoughts.