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How to Tell Stories in an ADD world

A great video on social media and the power of story telling. Brought to you by Gary Vanerchuck. Beware: There's a fair amount of cursing.

Video markers:

01:23 - Stop storytelling like it's 2007 in a 2014 world. 
03:27 -  Social networks are the gateway drugs of awareness.
04:32 - The culture shift in story telling, from long-form to short-form.
05:27 - Google adwords down 15% over the last year.
08:10 - 
"Quality storytelling always wins."
09:14 - It's not just about the content, it's about the context.
10:29 - "The supply and demand of attention is completely out of control."
13:26 - Are we actually bringing them value?

I just bought Gary's book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookI'm sure I'll talk about it here once I read it.