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Chess: The Game of Goal Setting

The game of chess consists of setting and achieving long-term goals, and making small moves to get you there. You’re always thinking three moves ahead. Most seasoned and professional chess players will tell you that they’re always thinking about the game in three phases; the opening, the middle-game, and the end-game. This tactical mindset its crucial to winning the game. 

In life, you should know what your next goal is, and what your goal after that is, and what your goal after that is. You should always be thinking three moves ahead, and be mindful of the end-game. If your goals are singular and short term, you’re not doing it justice. For instance, instead of setting a singular goal of having a job by September, your goal should be to have a job by September, so you can save $1,000 by November, and get a promotion by the new year. And in fact, you shouldn’t stop there. Why? Because you’ll live differently today knowing what you’ve set in front of yourself tomorrow.

Chess is a patient and deliberate game. Be patient and deliberate in life, know your next move, and keep your eyes fixed on the endgame.