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Dreaming vs. Doing

My generation seems to be filled with people who love to dream, think of lofty goals for work and life, some extravagant plans for something they care about. What a great attribute to have. A key part some lack though, is doing. Some people are just infatuated with the romantic ideas that they come up with in their head, paralyzing them in a hallucinating state that gets them no where. 

There is a marriage of the two ideals, where dreamers and doers collide and create entrepreneurs, creators, artists and world changers. These people have great ideas, but understand that to do something, they have to get up and make it happen. They don't, from the beginning anyway, have a legion of cheerleaders, employees to delegate to, or an elevated platform to exploit. They have their passions, their talents and their drive and it takes them from point A to point B faster than anything else could.

Dream, think and have a vision. Then, put your hand to the plow and do.