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The Weekly Digest

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be a way of curating and collecting great things I find on the internet, all while sharing it at the same time. In time I've realized that dedicating a post to each little thing I find is overkill, so in true Swissmiss fashion, I present to you The Weekly Digest. Enjoy. 

→ I don't have an iPhone case, but if I were to get one, this would be on the shortlist.

→ Game of Thrones special effects reel will blow your mind.

→ Simon Sinek on the Entreleadership Podcast to talk about his new book. I love this guy.

→ Another podcast episode, this time it's Sean McCabe on The Nathan Barry Podcast on why he paid $1,000 for one email.

→ Why the German World Cup team is the best team ever.

→ Jullien Gordon's The Era of the Side Hustle Ted Talk.

→ Twitter's analytics just got much better.

Blibliotheca, a Kickstarter to make a Bible designed & crafted for reading, separated into four elegant volumes, and free of all numbers and notes. Incredibly interesting.