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Three Months

I've been doing this for three months now, and I'm excited for many more. Thanks to everyone who stops by to read.

I thought I would list some of the great benefits I've already seen evidence of by running a blog and publishing content:

  1. I'm becoming a better thinker and a better writer.
    Having a platform to project your thoughts and ideas onto spurs on more critical and intentional thinking. Along with that, although I admit I've fallen off the wagon lately, my goal of writing daily has made me a better writer. Writing is such a valuable tool in all areas of life and work. Most of us spend countless hours communicating solely using the written word. Whether its through email, text, twitter or any medium, there's no doubt that it's a vital skill to practice and perfect today just as it was hundreds of years ago.
  2. I’m creating a catalog of my life (a journal of sorts).
    I never latched onto the idea of journaling, but thats up until I saw it in a different light. By starting this blog, I was starting an online journal, and though it's far more curated and cleaner than a traditional journal would be, it forced me to actually journal. I try, everyday, to get up and write about anything and everything that comes to mind. So, even though I never intended it, I started a couple journals, one that no one can see, and one that everyone can see.
  3. I'm contributing to the conversation.
    Most of us are just consuming. Most are taking in enormous amounts of information and doing little with it. This blog is allowing me to contributing something to the conversation, whether its small or big, whether people listen or not. People view you differently when you move from a consumer to a contributor. You should try it.

This is only the start. I'm genuinely excited to keep doing this. At the end of one year, I will have around 240 posts on here (Thats if I keep up the pace*). After all is said and done, that will be quite the accomplishment.

* After reassessing the first three months, I want to write more posts like this, this and even this, and less of this. Subsequently, I won't be able to keep up with posting around 5 times a week, but I do hope to still post multiple times a week. Just curating what I share.