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The Weekly Digest

→ Colbert shedding his usual persona and showing a rarely seen side of him to thoughtfully answer some questions from young girls.

→ Great article my Sean McCabe; Too many people already do what I want to do.

→ Newspring Church just underwent one of the best church rebrands I've ever seen.

→ Just another great iPhone wallpaper source.

→ I'm going to plug my own article here, because I think it's critical for creatives to understand the difference between excellence and perfection.

→ An interesting graph charting US's population broken down into age. Millennials are in their prime, and according to this, I'm the definition of one. 

→ The Museum of Natural History is hosting a sleepover for grown ups. A real life Night at the Museum. B.Y.O.S.B. (Bring your own sleeping bag).