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On Focus and Saying No

Sometimes a good thing can distract you from doing a great thing.

We seem to lack the focus it takes to fully realize the things we want to do. We’re all trying to do everything, all the time, all the while getting nowhere.

A key to the laser-like focus needed to excel at one thing is the courage to say no to the other things. Saying no isn’t popular, it isn’t nice, and it’s counter cultural to the “I want everything now” mentality that the world lives in today. There’s always so much to do with so little time. But your no today will lead to a better yes tomorrow and it will lead to a yes that you can overdeliver on.

Another thought on focus. Focus gets you through the valleys. It’s easy to become uninterested in areas of life when things get difficult if you can simply shift your focus onto the next big thing. When interest fades, when new things come, and when everything is urgent, staying and remaining focused becomes increasingly harder, and increasingly more rewarding.