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The Ultimate INFP Dilemma

I came across this post a few days ago entitled The greatest post about INFP careers in the history of ever, and I have to say, they might be right.

I agree and resonate with most of what this person writes when explaining her viewpoint on the ultimate INFP dilemma, but the opening paragraph is what really hit home:

The cunundrum I think a lot of us have is that it’s hard for us to do what we love for a living because it frequently requires us to go by other people’s guidelines and ideas and such, which makes it no longer our own creative expression and cheapens it for us. And if we do that all the time we want to do something else in our free time, so we don’t end up ever really getting into our flow and feeling really alive in the activities we love. However, we also have a hard time doing something that isn’t something we really love and believe in because then we are pouring our time and energy into something that doesn’t matter and that leaves us empty.

And then, towards the end of the article, they list ideals that they found important to her in a job, and I pretty much yelled yes out loud after reading every one of them. In you're an INFP, or an INFJ even, you need to go read this.

Personality types are fascinating.