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Million Lifetimes

There is something so special about the process of coming alongside talented songwriters and musicians, and crafting visuals that help convey the themes and messages behind the songs. When I sat down with Ryan and Clinton months ago, we knew we wanted to communicate a sense of vastness and complexity, while also drawing the focus back to a something simple. We knew we wanted to create the feeling that we were reaching far into the future, while at the same time, pulling from our past. This was an exhaustive and stressful process. We started down on a hundred ideas, all of them falling short for various reasons, and then in the 11th hour, as these things tend to go, we landed on the final art you see today. I love the process, I love what it teaches me about God. That He is the Creator, and that He always finishes what he starts, even though we may not see it in the moment.


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