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A complete and exhaustive list on what tools I use, from computers and software, to pens and notebooks. Sitting down to list all the stuff I use daily to do my work makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am.

The Physical

2012 27" iMac 

For my primary workstation at home I have a 2012 iMac, complete with 1TB Fusion Drive and 32 GB of RAM. The main selling point of this computer is the monitor size combined with power and SSD. Cannot beat it for the price.

2014-04-01 08.29.29-2.jpg

2011 13" Macbook Air

This is the best computer I've owned. Not because its the fastest, but because its a delight to use. Its crazy light and thin, blazing fast, and the screen size is just perfect. Complete with 8GB of RAM and a 256 SSD. 

2013-11-02 09.48.20-1.jpg

32GB iPhone 5S



Field Notes

The perfect notebook for me. Small, simple, and collectable. I use these daily to take quick notes and keep a weekly to-do list.

Waterfield Designs Bag

This has been my laptop bag for a couple years, and its held strong. It has a minimalist design and a minimalist capacity. Holds my Macbook, iPad, a book, Field Notes, a few cords and small miscellaneous things. Made in SF.


The Non-Physical

Mac Apps:

Adobe Suite
Cinema 4D

iPhone Apps:

I wrote a blog post in the Spring of 2014 on my iPhone Home screen and my favorite apps. This will be updated when my Home screen changes drastically. 


The Backup


Guardian Maximus RAID

A RAID-1 array I use strictly for storage of projects and collateral that I don't need to access everyday, but need to keep. (Link)


OWC Mercury Elite

An external drive enclosure with a 1TB Samsung drive. Every night I use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my iMac to this drive. (Link)


An online service that backs my computer up to an offsite server every night, just in case I lose everything in a fire. (Link)

I wrote a blog post on why you should have 3 different backups if you're running a business or are a freelancer: